Why Aspire?

Aspire is designed to help monitor the overall Christian "health" of your organisation. This is based on internal feedback, looking at key Christian values being outworked by individuals in various organisational areas.

All Christian organisations, whatever their size, aspire to be great places to work. Sometimes this is not the reality in everyday practice, and Aspire gives people the chance to give valuable feedback.  Aspire offers analysis and reports to enable you to find out how effective your organisation is in its:

  • leadership
  • relationships
  • communication processes
  • training and development of staff
  • recruitment and resourcing processes
  • remuneration and recognition processes
  • christian foundations
  • wellbeing and stress management
  • values and organisational culture
  • integrity
  • team working
  • concern for individuals
  • governance
  • efficiency and resource allocation
  • service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Christ-Centredness

Aspire is an online survey which provides reports on your organisations’s "health". These reports are based on each individual’s perception of the 11 Organisational Areas. The survey will reveal key strengths and weaknesses, areas for growth and will give you a clear idea of what is going on with people at their level and beyond. The aim of Aspire is to help you keep focused on godliness and to maintain professional excellence.

Why Aspire now?

Maybe you are looking at:-

  • Your organisation’s values and how they are applied
  • How people are managing change or uncertainty
  • Better understanding of how people view your management
  • Raising standards with current issues and challenges
  • Burnt out people, retaining staff
  • Gathering ideas for new innovation and improvement
  • Are we who we want to be – did we do something wrong?
  • Do we have the same vision? Have we all got different goals?
  • Other specific issues to your situation (if you purchase Aspire:Plus you can include these in the online questionnaire)


The Aspire process comprises an online questionnaire, with data analysis, a presentation, summary report and an interactive feedback session led by an Aspire Adviser.


Aspire already gives you a comprehensive overview of your organisation, its effectiveness and its Christian values in action, but we realise that there may be some organisational specifics that you would like to explore. That's where AspirePLUS comes in. In addition to the complete Aspire assessment, AspirePLUS gives you the option to add-in certain questions that would be unique to your organisation or its stage of development. This could be used for:

  • Asking questions related to the unique vision and mission of your organisation
  • Exploring issues related to how you have articulated your organisational culture
  • Assessing perceived progress on a strategic initiative
  • Understanding organisational reality in particular areas, ahead of a change initiative

Your Aspire Adviser

We believe that to get the most out of the Aspire reports requires a level of expertise and understanding of organisational development, in order to interpret them fully. As part of the Aspire package we provide access to some professional advice to help in drawing conclusions from the Aspire reports and emphasising the key areas for development that you should build into an action plan for getting the best possible ongoing benefit from Aspire. This may be in the form of a visit or telephone support, as appropriate for your organisation.


Please contact us for current prices. Pricing covers the costs of processing and analysing your results and a feedback session with an Aspire Adviser. We aim to make Aspire as widely available as possible.