What people say

"The vision and practical tools from Christian Distinctives group are spot on target - increasing Christ-centred organisational effectiveness across our sector. It's been a privilege to benefit personally from the group's work.

I've been directly involved in staff attitude surveys in secular work in the past and am I am really impressed by Aspire for the Christian sector. It is a comprehensive and very helpful diagnostic tool for a Christian organisation providing a range of insightful data into an organisation. As such it creates a springboard for change in a focused direction; it also represents excellent value for money!"

Consultant - Dickenson-Flower Ltd

"With a distinctly Christian focus Aspire was chosen to help CWR assess those qualities we view as important to the integrity and work of our ministry. We hope that the insights we gain into the perceptions of our staff will both improve and strengthen us as an organisation.'

Business Manager, CWR

"The Aspire self assessment tool has been of great assistance to YMCA Norfolk in evidencing the Christian effectiveness and distinctiveness of our Association enabling us to celebrate our successes and better recognise areas for growth and development. It has encouraged us to develop further our Christian values and ethos and apply it to all areas of our work."

Chief Executive, Norfolk YMCA

"It has been very helpful using Aspire to see where our strengths and weaknesses lie and to find out what people are really feeling on the ground. We used Aspire to shape the next year's action plan. We are doing it again, to monitor our progress and highlight next steps."

Chief Operating Officer -Compassion UK

"We wanted to measure whether our Christian ethos was actually experienced on the ground and to have evidence of our ethos to back-up our GORs. Aspire helped us do that, highlighting specific areas that needed improvement. Now we have a baseline to build on and a measurable way for us to monitor progress. A very very helpful tool for a CEO."

Chief Executive - Mission Care

"We found Aspire very revealing. Not only were some of the results unexpected, but it acted as a catalyst to important discussions. We are now taking actions to more objectively work through our Christian distinctive and people management."

Chief Executive - Stepping Stones

"Aspire - Brilliant, Fantastic, Meaningful, Challenging, Insightful. We want more of it! Doing Aspire made me think, it gave me a new perspective on things in the organisation that I thought I had a handle on, it challenged me and us to do things differently."

Chief Executive Norfolk YMCA

"Aspire is sophisticated in terms of reporting, and provides a real opportunity for top teams and organisations to receive a clear baseline of their current effectiveness and a way forward"

Chief Executive - PI Management

"This great tool could impact ministries throughout the world. Bravo for your vision and all the hard work that has created Aspire."

President - Synergistic Resource Association

"We all need to see and understand what we are getting right and wrong and Aspire can help drill down into the depth of who we are as Christian Organisations."

HR Manager - Anthony Collins Solicitors